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The Tournament

A preview of events to come.

A new alien species comes to Earth with an invitation.

The Z-Fighters get an opportunity to meet new people.

The tournament is underway... first round: Saiyan vs Namekian!

The last person Goku or Vegeta expected to see appears...

Alternate Universes

This universe has no life in it, making it a perfect place for a battle between realities.

In this universe, the Supreme Kais/Kaioshin took a more active part in defending the universe.

In this universe, a girl named Mary Sue discovered that she is not human, but a member of a warrior race called the Saiyans...

The Saiyans are a warrior race and were destined to be eradicated by Frieza. But what if the Saiyans fought back...?

The insides of Buu can lead to some disasterous places...

We know nothing about this world.

​Bojack, attracted by the intense battle happening on Earth between Son Gohan and Cell, leads his squad towards the planet...

​Namek was invaded by Frieza on his search for the Dragon Balls and the Namekians made one final desperate option to preserve themselves: fusing into a single, superior being with enough power to engage Frieza and his forces in a final stand.

​The World Trade Organization has prospered and the head family seems to have made amends since Frieza slaughtered the entire population of Namek and merged his forces with his older brother's.

Earth is home to a number of strange secrets: scientists obsessed with revenge, demons sealed inside of a magical container, and a set of orbs that when gathered together can grant any wish.

​The Saiyans were never annexed by Frieza's empire and their primitive species dwelled on their original homeworld. Simultaneously, the Nameks avoided a climatic cataclysm of their homeworld via advanced space travel and returned shortly after.

​In this universe, the relationship between Majin Buu and his master, Babidi, didn't end on such bitter terms.

​These are the events after Trunks returned to his world and defeated Cell and the Androids.

The legend is that every 1,000 years a new Super Saiyan is born.

In a world that was never rescued by the Saiyan named Trunks, two sinister Androids continue to wreak havoc and destruction on the people of Earth.

This universe has a number of unique residents.

This universe has been massively affected by the presence of a single being: a champion chosen by the Kais to defend the universe from any threat.

The climatic battle against Cell turns in the Perfect Lifeform's favor, allowing him to begin his malevolent reign as the perfect lifeform.

This is the world that is most familiar to us: a Saiyan baby crash-landing on Earth, raised and brought up to become a hero who saved the world many times, and raising his own sons to become powerful and compassionate warriors along with several of their friends. This world has advanced by 10 years since the final battle against Majin Buu and has retained its sense of peace; Goku training Uub and Pan, Gohan continuing his science career, and Vegeta training as well.

The Tuffles have a much deeper history than Vegeta or King Kai ever gave them credit for. The events that took place during the war between the Tuffles and Saiyans...

One Saiyan plotted to destroy them all...

Non-Canon Alternate Universes

This is the universe that the Neko Majin Z characters belong to.

In this universe, the Z-Sword was never broken by Son Gohan.

In this reality, the Saiyans and Arcosians never existed. This is primarily a human-based universe. Mercenary Tao was hired to murder the Red Ribbon Army's chain of command by Dr. Gero, who later passes away after completing his army of Androids that Tao commandeers in his own bid for world domination.

This universe changed when Frieza destroyed Planet Vegeta; Bardock's psychic powers in response to the situation sent his essence back in time to the earliest point of civilization on Planet Plant, the future home of the Tuffles and the Saiyans. Bardock would face Chilled, ancestor of Frieza, as a Super Saiyan.

A role-reversed world. The Saiyans and Tuffles are allies, while Vegeta works together with Frieza and King Cold in the Galatic Peace Organization (GPO). At the same time however, Goku was sent to Earth as an ambassador, but hit his head, turning him into a violent, sadistic monster.

This is the... unusual universe of Dragonball Z Abridged where all of the characters are still on Namek because time is a lot slower here.

  • False Super Saiyan Bardock’s pupils disappeared into blank rage/Super Saiyan Bardock during assault on Frieza
  • Mary Sue turns into an Oozaru-Dragon-Octopus-Platypus against Arale, gets KO’d again anyway
  • Abo and Cado appear in Universe 3

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